I am here to help you make that good story great. You are the expert in what you want to say and I will help you get there and say it, so that others want to read it.

Welcome to The Word Studio.

Hi there, welcome to The Word Studio. I am Andrew Binks, a published author andrewbinks.ca who has been in the valleys of rejection, the peaks of acceptance and those grey areas in between where manuscripts are lost, redirected and ultimately praised and published! I have helped writers for over ten years to help them clarify what it is they want to say and how they want to say it.

I have worked with memoir and personal essays as well as long fiction. My clients have created works from heart warming memoirs for their families, to more jarring works of the human condition in all its drama and conflict that needed to be told. I hold an MFA in creative writing from UBC and am currently editing my third novel as well as other people’s work, and teaching writing in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

My Services

As a one on one writing coach my services include but are not limited to:

Manuscript Evaluation

Copy/ Line Editing

Navigating self publishing options

Guidance finding an agent or publisher

Some things I’ve done along the way:

Paving the Way to Lasting Employment
This project involved a multitasker like myself to write script, direct actors and write an accompanying manual, and then make it accessible worldwide to various educational and employment institutions. https://www.cfeebc.org/resource/paving-the-way-to-lasting-employment/

Howe Sound Pictures
Again a while ago working as a reader for Howe Sound while ghost writing a feature film for Keypics in Vancouver.

International Management Institute, Tokyo Japan
Now this was a while back but one of the highlights of teaching ESL for over 15 years. I developed curriculum, taught English and presentation skills to patent agents, while a nuclear melt-down happened around me! Back in BC I taught English to immigrants and new Canadians and here in Ontario I have taught ESL to Canadian Forces spouses.

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