Out of respect for confidentiality of my workshop participant and client referrals, I have placed initials instead of names. But these are real people!

“If your vision is what you wish to maintain in your manuscript, then he’s the one to edit your Manuscript. Mr. Binks has remained my gracious go to helper since 2013.  A more able and tolerant Canadian editor one won’t find.” — E. J.

“Andrew edited my PhD thesis with great care. He is an effective communicator. One panel member complimented the editing quality of the thesis. Working with Andrew really helped my hard work shine under its best light. I cannot recommend working with him enough.” Simon Poirier, PhD Queen’s University

“I am an ESL author with a few books to my credit. When I had first started writing in English, Andrew helped me polish and enhance my stories, without changing my voice or style. He is professional, caring, culturally sensitive, and respectful of writers he works with.”

“I…can say without hesitation that he has offered keen insights and thoughtful evaluations of written work. He has also said what needed to be said about our writing with kindness and tact, while still offering constructive options. In my own work as a new novelist I have felt encouraged and supported by Andrew.” — S. H.

“Andrew is an excellent teacher. If you’re ready to publish, he’ll help you understand what you’ve written and make it better. If you’re at an earlier stage he’ll help you find your voice, shape a story structure, build a better sentence, find the perfect word. He has extraordinary patience and an amazing sensitivity to writers from beginners to genre-bending pros. I’m one of ten grateful members of a writing group he led through the Covid pandemic. Every one of us is now a better writer because of him.” — M. W.

“He takes you to the well of possibility. His encouragement ‘put that piece in your file for further work’ quells my critical inner voice…his guidance is current and digestible.” — C. F.

“I joined Andrew’s  Friday writing group hoping I would be inspired to write family stories for my sisters. I have learned so much about myself and about the craft of writing story and poetry from Andrew’s writing prompts, his word exercises, comments, suggestions and his lessons on giving feedback to the other participants. He pushes us in the kindest way to establish a regular writing practice and constantly write/work to improve our story telling.” — K. L.

“Always encouraging but at the same time challenging… he has inspired me to ‘keep going’ and helped me believe I have lots to write about.” — T. F.

“Andrew is creative, fun and engaging.  He never stops inspiring and his passion for the written word is contagious.” — R. W.

“…his knowledge has been invaluable…highly recommend him…” — S. S.

“…in 2019 I wrote my first memoir…he said I should continue…I was thrilled. It was my first time writing.” — J. G.

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